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Armband Used to Track Health, Eating Patterns, and Sex

Update Date: Jul 15, 2013 03:11 PM EDT

One of the latest hypes in fitness and dieting is the creation of a high tech armband or wristband that can help a person track his or her weight loss goals. Although there are several different kinds of trackers these days, one in particular that has been under the public eye is the Jawbone UP! device. This wristband has been pictured on public figures, such as British's chancellor George Osborne. According to the manufacturers, this wristband not only helps with weight and fitness goals, it can also be used as a tool to check the faithfulness of one's life partner.

The Jawbone UP! wristband tracks one's health by monitoring sleep patterns, inactive versus active levels, heart rates, food and calorie consumption or calorie loss. It monitors these features by storing the number of steps, distance travelled, times spent exercising or staying stationary, and number of calories burned. According to the manufacturers, the number of calories burned is dependent on the type of activity. For example, if someone ran as opposed to walk, the tracker will be able to differentiate between the two. This feature is what tells people whether or not the person wearing it has had sexual relations with someone else. For couples, this device could then be used to monitor loyalty.

The tracker, when worn 24/7 can also inform the wearer about his or her sleeping patterns. It can tell people how long they slept and how long it took them to fall asleep. More importantly, this tracker, like many of its kind, can be synced up with an app on one's phone. This app will organize the data and present the statistics on visually appealing charts. These charts and data tables can help users focus on their trouble areas. The app also encourages the users to take photos of the meals they eat. This way, if people notice days where calorie consumption was higher, they can go back and see what they ate that day and replace it with a better option if they want to lose weight.

There are eight specific features on the device. The first one is a rechargeable battery that can last up to 10 days. The second is a rubber cover that is both sweat proof and water resistant, which encourages people to wear the device all day. The third feature is a status light that can either be a sun, which indicates movement or a moon, which indicates inactiveness. The fourth aspect is a push button that allows people to change modes and access different features of the device. The fifth feature is a vibration motor that will vibrate to remind the user to be active. Number six is a motion sensor, which tracks activities. Seven is a flash chip that stores all of the data. Last but not least is a 3.5mm audio plug that allows the device to be synced up with the app.

Jawbone UP! currently comes in three sizes and eight colors. This particular device costs a little over $100. Although this type of device is already quite advanced, manufacturers want to develop a new type of device in a patch version that would not require removable. It also would not need to be charged.

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