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Super Diaper that Can Monitor a Baby’s Health

Update Date: Jul 10, 2013 02:34 PM EDT

With the advances made in technology, it was about time that someone would create a digital diaper. According to the company, Pixie Scientific, a "smart" diaper could be within the reach for all parents. The company states that this diaper can detect urinary tract infections, kidney dysfunction and dehydration. Not only does the diaper tell parents about the health status of their infants, an app can also be downloaded to help them with this process of diagnosing conditions.

According to The New York Times that reported on this new invention, the "smart" diaper works by inserting a patch in the front of the diaper. The patch was made with four small squares, each with a different color. The colors will react and change when they come into contact with specific proteins, water, or bacteria. When colors change in a specific way, parents would be informed of a potential abnormal reaction. The app works by taking a photograph of the colors on the patch, which the app will read and give the parents a precise reading. Once the app is used, the information will be stored and kept, similarly to a medical history chart.

Even though this diaper sounds like a miracle, it sure does not come cheap. Yaroslav Faybishenko, the founder of Pixie Scientific, stated that this product would probably cost around 30 percent more than the average diaper. Faybishenko got the idea for a digital diaper after his one-year-old daughter would not stop crying during a car ride. Knowing that urine can reveal a lot about one's health, he and his wife, Jennie Rubinshteyn decided to venture into inventing a diaper that can tell parents if something is wrong.

The diaper is currently waiting to be tested in September by the Benioff Children's Hospital located in the University of California San Francisco. If the diaper gets the stamp of approval the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will review the product before it can be sold.  

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