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Circus Man Capable of Pulling a Bus with his Teeth [VIDEO]

Update Date: Jun 22, 2013 12:11 PM EDT

Igor Zaripov is unlike most men in the world. At age 30, Zaripov already has three world records, and unlike any records found in sports history, such as the fastest 100 meters ran or the most three pointers in basketball, Zaripov holds the fastest time ever in pulling a car 100 feet with just his teeth. This record, which is at 15.7 seconds is just one of the three amazing feats that he has accomplished.

Zaripov, who is a circus performer with one of the largest companies, Cirque Du Soleil holds the record for pulling the heaviest vehicle, a 12,350kg or 27,227 pound double-decker bus, with just his teeth. He also has the record for suspending himself for two minutes and 32 seconds with his teeth. It is no surprise by now that this man has one heck of jaw and of course, pretty strong teeth.

Zaripov is the fourth generation of gymnasts in his family, a tradition that started back in 1893. At the young ripe age of three, he had already started performing. By the age of 12, he had entered the aerial gymnastics world by working for Niculin Circus in Moscow, Russia. In 2003, Zaripov was hired by Cirque Du Soleil and has since been in over 10,000 shows.

When asked what he does to prepare for his shows, he says that he prefers to pump himself up in his native tongue. A little bit of spoken Russian can get those teeth to pull some of the heaviest things in the world.

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