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Big Barbecue for Memorial Day? Here are Five Tips to Eating Healthy

Update Date: May 25, 2013 01:34 PM EDT
Barbecue, Healthy, Memorial Day
For those who want to maintain their diets, remember to eat healthy this Memorial Day weekend. (Photo : Wiki Commons/ Elena Chochkova)

Celebrations for Memorial Day are already underway this weekend. Whether or not it is a small backyard barbecue or a huge feast near the beach, every one is down for some great food. The food, however, might not be ideal for those who have summer in mind. From all kinds of grilled meats to potato salads and beer, people who want to keep their waistline somewhat trimmed might get diverted from their goal once they smell the aroma of good, simple, American food. Therefore, here are five healthy tips to eat at a party that will help stave off weight gain.

Tip #1 - Eat Before

People might think that eating before a big barbecue defeats the purpose. Why fill yourself up when there will definitely be food at the party? However, if you snack a little before the event, your chances of overeating at the barbecue will decrease. Pick up a smart snack that will leave some room for food, but not enough room so that you end up eating every little thing at the barbecue.

Tip #2 - Assess the food situation

Before reaching for just anything that is thrown at you, look at the food options that are available. Oftentimes there will be a few options that are generally healthier. It might be better to identify these options and then stick to them instead of eating everything you see. Some options to pick are chicken over beef and green salad over potato salad.

Tip #3 - Skip the first drink

Skipping the first drink might seem like a random piece of advice, but using this little tip could help you consume fewer calories later. When people drink, their ability to control their appetites and willpower diminish. Therefore, before grabbing a drink, remember to assess the situation and give yourself a goal at the event. Alcohol is also packed with a lot of empty calories and carbohydrates.

Tip #4 - Don't Go for Seconds

Avoiding a second serving of food would be a lot easier if the first three pieces of advice have already been followed. Try to fill your plate once with the foods that you want in your body. Pick the healthier options if you really want to maintain your diet while still having fun. Fill up your first plate and take your time eating it while you socialize. Eating slower can also fill your body up faster.

Tip #5 - Have a Healthy Barbecue

If, by any chance, you are the host of the barbecue, provide your guests and yourself with healthy options. Being the host of the event gives yourself the most power to fulfill your goals of eating healthy. Pick options, such as greens and lean proteins that are generally healthier. Serving a range of food will ensure that people who are not on a diet will still have something to eat.

During the barbecue, keep these tips in mind while having fun celebrating Memorial Day. 

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