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Homeowners Discover Colony of 80,000 Bees Living in the Walls of Their Master Bedroom

Update Date: May 15, 2013 01:08 PM EDT

It is not unusual for new homeowners to receive a few surprises. However, cracks were the least of the Judds' problem when they moved into their new home in Provo, Utah. The couple discovered a colony of about 80,000 bees living in the wall of their master bedroom.

Five month ago, Tyler Judd and his wife moved into a new home in Provo, Utah, the Huffington Post reports. When they moved into their new digs, they saw some bees outside the home and even found a few inside, but thought nothing of it. In fact, they lived in the house for months before suspecting a thing.

That is, until they were spending a calm night watching television last week, KSL-TV reports. When they turned it off, they heard the distinct sound of a faint buzzing.

The couple decided to call an expert, so they called Al Chubak from Utah Bee Removal, CBS Las Vegas reports. Suspecting a small colony, even Chubak was surprised when he saw how large the infestation was.

"It's almost like a bee playground," Chubak said to Huffington Post. "It's Disneyland for a bee. There are so many places they can go in."

Mr. Chubak said to ABC News that there were between 60,000 and 80,000 bees living in the walls of the Judds' master bedroom. In fact, the family had more to worry about than a few stings; the bees were actually removing the home's insulation in order to store honeycomb and the bees' hive in its place.

Mr. Chubak spent Saturday removing the bees from the home. According to CNN, he removes the bees using a vacuum, taking care to make sure that he does not get stung. He has to be careful that he accounts for every last bee. Then, after storing the bees and the honeycomb in boxes, he will move the colony to a separate location.

The Judds needed to move to a guest bedroom while the work was being done, but now they have moved back to the master bedroom, likely relieved to hear no more buzzing.

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