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KY Woman Who Stings Herself With Bees Up to 100 Times a Week Says it "Makes Sex Great"

Update Date: Feb 21, 2013 03:29 PM EST

A 53-year-old Kentucky woman has described how she purposefully stings herself with bees up to 100 times a week, mostly for sexual pleasure.

In the latest TLC's My Strange Addiction, Margaret of Morningview, Kentucky, admits that bee stings, specifically ten stings, "makes sex great".

While Margaret didn't elaborate on how bee stings enhance her sex life, she admits that she loves the sensation, describing them as "peppery" and unique. She tells reporters on the show that "no two stings are alike, but I feel relief from all of them".

"I sting myself on my hip, my elbows, on a finger, my ankle, my forehead, on the tip of my nose," she said on the show. "The most I've ever given myself was between 15 and 20 in my left hip. I really love stinging myself with bees!"

Margaret's bizarre habit all started around a decade ago when she started it as therapy for her arthritis pain. However, the treatment quickly became a recreational activity and now she keeps an ample supply of bee hives in her backyard.

"The first time that I stung myself, it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would," she recalls. "And it just got easier every time."

These days Margaret stings herself around 15 times a day. On the show she is seen holding a bee in a set of tweezers, and takes the insect's abdomen against herself to make the stinger penetrate her skin.

"There's a couple of trigger points right here that I like to sting," she said as she poked at the skin around her kneecap. "I can kind of put a little dent in it with my fingernail."

Margaret's husband, JD, is worried about his wife's dependence on bee stings. However, he admits that her infatuation with bee bites does not faze him.

"She's always had kind of a taste for looking at the odd side of things," JD said on the show. "At this point now, with 15 stings a day, that's when I've started to get really concerned about this."

Doctors are urging Margaret to stop her habit because they worry that her constant use can lead to a potentially fatal allergic reaction.

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