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80% of Women Wait at Least a Month Before Letting Their Lovers See Them Without Makeup

Update Date: Mar 12, 2013 05:37 PM EDT

When did you finally decide to let your boyfriend see you without makeup? According to a new study, women are so insecure about their au naturale state that an astonishing 80 percent say they wait at least an entire month before letting their new lover see them without makeup.

According to the Daily Mail, more than a third of women are so afraid of letting their boyfriends see them without makeup they make sure to wake up before their new boyfriend to secretly apply makeup. Another 60 percent say they use don't even take off their make-up when they sleep with a new boyfriend.

The survey revealed that 17 percent of women wait at least two months, 16 percent wait three to six months and 8 percent wait a whole year before shedding their face paint. The survey revealed that 3 percent have never even let their man see them in their natural state.

Researchers found that 20 percent of women also sneak off to touch up their makeup before sleeping with their lover for the first time. The survey revealed that almost one in five women admit they always touch up their make up before sleeping with their partner in the first six months of a new relationship.

The survey also revealed why women didn't want to let their new lovers see them without makeup.  The survey found that 58 percent believed they looked better with makeup, 28 percent said they wouldn't feel as confident without their war paint, 12 percent were afraid that they won't be desired as much and 2 percent believed that their new beau might end the relationship if they didn't wear makeup.

The survey revealed that over 75 percent of women believe society expects women to wear makeup and 68 percent feel "naked" without their makeup.

Researchers found that only 27 percent of women say they wouldn't mind going to work without makeup and almost a third of women say they must wear makeup even when going to the gym.

Women feel safer going without makeup in front of their female friends rather than their male friends, with over a third of women saying they wouldn't feel comfortable going makeup-free around male friends while only 10 percent felt the same around female friends.

"I'm not surprised so few women dare to go bare when they have met a new man," said CEO of semi-permanent make-up company Debra Robson, according to the Daily Mail.  Robson's company conducted the latest study.

"Make-up makes you feel sexier and more confident. I love the idea us girls waking up early to secretly put on make-up to keep up appearances from the previous night," she added.  "We all want to look our best in the early throws of romance and women feel they look a lot better and more desirable with make-up."

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