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Men Lie 3 Times More Than Women, Telling On Average 1,095 Lies A Year

Update Date: Mar 05, 2013 04:32 PM EST

Everyone lies sometimes, but a shocking new study has revealed that men are three times more likely to lie than women, with the average man telling three lies every single day.  To give you more perspective, the average man tells about 1,095 lies year.

In contrast, the study found that the average woman lies only once a day.

The new survey of 2,531 UK adults found that only a meager five percent of respondents reported telling the truth "at all times," according to the Daily Mail.

The survey revealed that 52 percent of men admitted to lying three times day on average and 14 percent admitted to telling fives more than five times a day.

Women on the other hand lie significantly less than their masculine counterparts. The survey revealed that 57 percent of women say they lied once each day on average, and 17 percent admitted to telling an average of three lies a day.

The survey found that women are most likely to lie about their emotions, with 27 percent admitting that their most frequent lie was "I'm fine".

Researchers found that men are most likely to lie about completing tasks they were asked to do with 45 percent admitting to having lied about having done something they were supposed to have done, like changing a broken light bulb, but actually hadn't.

The survey, conducted by secret sales website, revealed that 71 percent of men and women admitted to regularly lying to friends, family members and colleagues to spare the other person's feelings.

Both men and women were more likely to lie to a manager or boss, with 31 percent of all respondents admitting that they lied most frequently at work.

Relatives and partners were the second and third most lied to groups with 27 percent of all respondents admitting to lying to their family members and 22 percent admitting to lying to their lovers.

However the survey found that men are more likely to lie to their friends with 41 percent of men saying that they regularly lied to their friends compared to 9 percent of women reporting the same.

As far as conscience goes, women are more likely to feel guilty after telling a lie.  The survey found that 62 percent of women reported to feeling guilty after telling a lie compared to only 23 percent of men.

When respondents were asked why they felt like they needed to lie, the most popular answer for men was that they wanted an "easier life" and the most popular answer for women was that they wanted to hide their true thoughts or feelings.

"As a man I find these results incredibly... accurate, actually! It's widely assumed that women could be seen as the more gossipy sex, but according to our results men are much more likely to fib, seemingly in pursuit of an easier life," said Mark Pearson, founder of, according to the Daily Mail. "It seems honesty is rare these days, but given the fact that the majority of us lie regularly, it's hard to see anything changing anytime soon!"

So why do men lie more than women? Testosterone certainly isn't the answer.  In fact, a 2012 study found that testosterone, the male sex hormone linked to aggression and criminality, actually fostered honesty in male subjects, according to German researchers.  The study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that men who were given a boost of testosterone told significantly less lies in a dice game than men who were given a placebo.

"Testosterone has always been said to promote aggressive and risky behavior and posturing," neuroscientist Dr. Bernd Weber, of the Center for Economics and Neuroscience at the University of Bonn, said in a statement.

However, researchers said that their findings "clearly contradicts the one-dimensional approach that testosterone results in anti-social behavior".  Researchers said that the findings suggest that the added testosterone boost may have increased pride and the need to develop a positive self-image in participants.

The 5 Most Common Lies Told By Men and Women


1.     Yes, I've done it

2.     Sorry, I had no signal

3.     I'm on my way

4.     I didn't see your call or text

5.     I don't look at other women


1.   I'm fine

2.     I'm on my way

3.     It was on sale

4.     You look really nice

5.     Sorry, I had no signal

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