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A New 10 Second Toothbrush

Update Date: Apr 27, 2021 02:43 PM EDT
A New 10 Second Toothbrush
(Photo : A New 10 Second Toothbrush)

Brushing your teeth is crucial in maintaining good dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth minimizes oral bacteria that eventually can lead to tooth decay and gum diseases if not given the proper care. You brush your teeth daily but do you think your toothbrush is really protecting your teeth to the right extent?

With all of the different toothbrushes available on the market, you may wonder which one would suit your teeth the best. Many of us opt for hard-bristled toothbrushes thinking that the harder we scrub, the better we are cleaning our teeth, right? Actually, it's just a clear misconception!

The truth is that hard-bristled toothbrushes can damage the gums, root surface, and protective tooth enamel. Thus, for many people, a soft-bristled toothbrush will be the most comfortable and safest choice. But what if you can find a toothbrush that will brush your teeth in just 10 seconds? We know it's hard to believe, but a brand new innovation called unobrushTM has done just that. 

Revolution of Oral Hygiene 

Often, the word "revolutionary" is overused when it comes to hi-tech products and solutions. However, sometimes the use of the term is necessary to describe the potential of a new invention. This is the case of unobrushTM, a whole-mouth toothbrush with an unprecedented shape, functionality, and effectiveness. 

The carefully designed Mouthpiece consists of numerous soft bristles to provide an effective simultaneous brush of your teeth and gums from the front, back, and chewing surfaces. Plus, it brushes your teeth in only 10 seconds. Furthermore, it's easy to store, clean, and charge with a minimalist Danish-designed Docking Station.  

Backed with Cutting-edge Technology

unobrushTM uses soft DuPontTM bristles, which gently brushes your teeth and provides an optimal amount of pressure to ensure an effective brushing. 

Furthermore, the Docking Station recharges the Base Module and a special slot sanitizes the Mouthpiece with ultraviolet light after each use to reduce the accumulation of bacteria. The unobrushTM is quite clearly something brand-new and exciting, which completely rethinks how we clean our teeth on a daily basis. 

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