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Top 5 Ways To Do Self-Care Everyday

Update Date: Apr 27, 2021 10:11 AM EDT
Top 5 Ways To Do Self-Care Everyday
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Ever since we stepped into the pandemic last year, everyone has been extremely stressed out. Job security has become uncertain, along with the amount of time you spend at work. Our sense of time has been thrown off, and we've been stuck in solitary for a long time. This has caused a lot of people to refocus their priorities on taking care of their mental health. 

When you are stressed, depressed, or anxious, your personal routine is the first on the chopping block. This is why maintaining a self-care routine that you can follow every day can help you retain your sanity as you go through these troubled times. If you think self-care is all about luxurious indulgence, think again. Here are some things you can do every day to give yourself that extra boost of motivation. 

Social Media 

Social media feeds our worst fears and anxieties. There has been enough written about the harmful effects of social media. Social media sells us lies, and we end up stressing that our lives aren't as good as the popular posts on them. Social media currently is also filled with a lot of appeals for funds, political commentary, and other distressing news that everyone cannot deal with well. 

If these have begun to affect you negatively for whatever reason, you could consider taking a break from social media for your own mental peace. You can also unfollow accounts that are in the thick of things for a few days until you are comfortable enough to help amplify their efforts. Identify what parts you are most comfortable and uncomfortable with, and make adjustments to your settings accordingly.


Stress is perceived by our bodies because when our brain feels stressed, it releases certain chemicals. A great way to keep levels of these stress chemicals regulated is to do some form of exercise. You don't have to work out every day -  you can get by with a small 20-minute workout every other day too. 

The important thing is to work up a sweat and burn some calories, which releases adrenaline and dopamine, both chemicals that make you feel good and happy. If you begin to feel too tired to work out, you can take the best energy supplements that will give you a boost and help you maintain your routine. 


Very few people consider sleep hygiene a part of self-care, but it forms a very important basis for taking care of yourself. Your body needs at least 8 hours of restful, high-quality sleep a day if you want it to keep working flawlessly for many years. Not getting enough sleep ages people early, mentally exhausts them, and prepares them for early burn-out. 

Build a sleep routine that is conducive to a good night's sleep. Keep your phone away from your eyes two hours before bed. Instead, read a book that doesn't emit blue light that keeps you awake. Invest in black-out curtains or eye masks, and eat two hours before you try and sleep too.


Self-care is also about building sustainable routines that you can follow every day that will keep you looking and feeling great. Making a good AM and PM skincare routine will help you stick to your routine and prevent you from succumbing to inertia every morning or night. The most basic routine is to cleanse, tone, and moisturize. 

However, you can expand this to include as much as you want. Invest in a Korean 12-step routine if your budget allows! Remember that your skin may be plagued by internal issues as well. If you suddenly see a lot of acne on you, you might have hormonal problems. Ask your doctor about a hormone balance supplement you can take to keep these problems at bay. 


Fast food and processed food are filled with chemicals and preservatives that are making people unhealthy. Being unhealthy has a negative impact on your physical and mental health. Thus, cooking at home is an important part of self-care as you detox from these commercial poisons. 

Cooking is also a great way to unwind, and as an added bonus, you get complete control over your diet as well. Cooking doesn't always have to be elaborate. You can make quick, no-fuss meals for sustenance as well. Even if you make a BLT at home, you can be assured that it has less salt, sugar, and fat than the one you can get at a chain restaurant. So load up your grocery cart and get to cooking!

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