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Factors to Consider While Buying Led Shop Lights

Update Date: Jan 27, 2021 03:11 PM EST
Factors to consider while buying led shop lights
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Do you own a shop, or a workspace and are looking for the right illuminating source for it? Or are you on the fence to differentiate between the brands and find the best light for your space? Fret not, we've got your covered.

When you are considering buying LED shop lights for your shops and garages, there are few factors to consider for the best. These factors will help understand what fits right for your space. When it comes to illuminating your space, you can't compromise on the quality, especially the commercial spaces like shops and garages.

The LED shop lights the modern version of LED fluorescent lamps that are basically used in shops, workshops, and garages. These commercial spaces require modest and inexpensive lighting to illuminate the work area.

Below are some of the factors you need to consider when buying a shop lights.

1. Light Output

Light output in simple terms is the brightness of an LED and is generally denoted in lumens. This metric is used to refer to how bright the LED light is. And for a shop, the brightness of the LED lights installed matters the most as they play a vital role in attracting customers.

The more illuminated a shop is, the more it grabs the customer's attention. In general, you will need a LED shop light with 3000 lumens to illuminate your space well and improve its splendor.

2. Colour Temperature

Another major factor you should consider is Colour Temperature. This metric basically describes how "blue" or "yellow" the light colour is. There are a lot of LED brands like Lepro that offer a range of LED shop lights. The table below tabulates the information on different kelvin values and their colours.

Kelvin Colour Nature
2700K Warm White Friendly, personal, intimate
3000K Soft White Glow Soft, warm, pleasing
3500K Neutral Glow Sociable, inviting
4000K Daylight Glow Neat, clean, efficient
5000K Crystal White Glow Bright, cool, alert
6500K Super Bright White Refreshing, vivid

The colour temperature that fits right in your space depends on the activity and personal preference. Still, here's a little helping hand that can help you choose the LED shop light with the right kelvin.

  •  The Lower colour temperatures create a relaxing and warm atmosphere. A 4000K or below LED shop light can be a good option if you want your space to look warm, and pleasing.
  •  The Higher colour temperatures like 5000K allows better colour acuity, improved perception.
  •  In case you want to illuminate your space with the replica of natural daylight then 6500K will be the optimal colour temperature.

3. Colour Rendering Index

CRI is the core factor when you are considering an LED shop light. It is a little complicated concept to understand as it is not physically visible from the emitting light. It is generally a score ranging from 0 to 100 that measures the accuracy of the appearance of the objects under a light. So, the higher the score, the more accuracy.

The higher CRI will make the object colour look the same as that in natural daylight, whereas, the inaccurate or low CRI makes the colour look different and not the same.

The CRI number is generally provided by the manufacturer on the product specifications or packaging. So, picking the LED shop lights with CRI above 90 is recommended for colour accuracy and a minimum of 80 CRI for non-critical tasks.

3. The Switch

The shops traditionally used the lights with pull-chains and to let the tradition and comfort continue, there are a lot of LED shop lights designed with the same on-off concept. Also, you can find a design that uses a rocker switch mounted onto the unit.

4. Advanced chaining and mounting

The challenges of separate wires running from each fixture to the power source can be difficult to manage. So, you can look for the daisy-chaining option that allows the fixture to connect in series and simplify the installation.

Also, most of the LED shop lights are designed in a way that allows the fixture to hang from the ceiling and some also allow flush mounting onto the ceiling.

5. Reflectors

LED shop lights include reflectors on the side that direct the light downwards. They help in increasing the brightness over a particular area and also to reduce glare.

Bottom line

LED shop lights are the best option to illuminate your workspace. The above factors are some of the major factors that help you make the best-LED shop light purchase decision. Let's hope you found it useful to get the right illuminating source for your space.

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