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The Inner Journey: Self-Discovery Amidst Crisis

Update Date: Jan 20, 2021 09:28 PM EST
The Inner Journey: Self-Discovery Amidst Crisis
(Photo : The Inner Journey: Self-Discovery Amidst Crisis)

The entire pandemic changed the way we looked at life in general.

While we were in dire straits and have started to emerge from it, there's always an uncertainty about what's waiting for us ahead. Amidst the overwhelming & anxious situations, it's often natural for someone to strangle into the knots of desperate and impulsive decisions. In such a stressful climate, does it usually help for one to embark their journey of self-discovery or does it favourably turn the situations calm? 

We had the chance to interview this fast-rising coaching star from the east, Global Master Coach Myke Celis. Known for his international coaching brand #bestmeever , this celebrity life coach discussed why self-discovery plays an important part in one's growth during the crisis.

"The whole pandemic thought as a very important thing: to journey within. To recognize the value of our authentic self - of what is in alignment with our core values, of what we can do differently. And in order to do just that, we must allow ourselves to embark on a self-discovery journey as we strip ourselves bare from all things we thought used to define us." 

As his coaching brand is flourishing globally, the master coach describes his approach, "For the record, I don't pass on the solutions to my clients. As a professional coach,  I let them reflect by asking them questions that will allow them to have their personal breakthroughs and be able to take responsibility for themselves in the process." 

How can people start on their self-discovery journey if they are overwhelmed by everything happening around them? This was one of the questions the international best selling author of the #bestmeever book series also answered. 

"Admittedly, times are hard now. However, I believe, more than ever, it's now time to invest on one's self and one's growth even more. In the process of reviewing how I can better serve people globally, I realized that the online coaching platforms offered at present were not exactly customized and personalized. That went against my values as a coach - I have always believed that each and every coaching session must have a heart. That is why I recently launched my most cost friendly entry level program to date : #MyPocketCoach under my #bestmeever brand. It's your virtual coaching companion that helps you embark on your journey to self-discovery. I will personally record and send you 3-5 minuter videos daily containing reflections and powerful questions to help you get your desired breakthroughs and results accordingly. It's like us having actual coaching conversations. Plus each package includes a 15-minute pre-coaching clarity call and a wrap up session call so that we can get to know each other even better. Consider this: if you are willing to spend so much on clothes, bags, games or booze, how much value can you get when you actually invest in yourself to know what you really want and need as you  become your best?"

Myke further stresses the value of journeying within with a coach during trying times. 

He explains, "Journeying with a professional coach allows you to have an accountability partner who can help you be on track as you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you are really meant to be. Self-discovery is not just about moving on and forward, it also involves letting go of all the things weighing you down so that you can soar higher in the process and a highly experienced, a credible coach can help you gain clarity to be able to do just that."

Considered as one of the fastest growing experts in the coaching field to date, Myke reminds everyone to be mindful of their space:  " Don't immediately hate the space you're in. There's no dull moment in life. It's how we perceive the space we are in. Mind you though, even if we take a step back and pause, it doesn't mean we are not growing. Growth is not always about taking a step forward; at times it's about staying where you are, reflecting in the space you're in as you allow yourself to recharge and recalibrate."

What's your message to all our readers out there who want to embark on their own self-discovery?

The unicorn coach ends with this powerful statement: 

"Your self-discovery journey is not a matter of chance but rather, a matter of choice. When you are ready to invest in yourself as you become the person you're meant to be, that's when your inner journey begins. It's all about knowing your true worth and commiting to the best that you can be, regardless of what happens around you, with or without crisis."

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