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How Can Reading Help With Your Mental Health? + 5 Helpful Reading Tips

Update Date: Dec 30, 2020 02:01 PM EST
How Can Reading Help With Your Mental Health? + 5 Helpful Reading Tips
(Photo : How Can Reading Help With Your Mental Health? + 5 Helpful Reading Tips)

When you learn to read, you are naturally amazed by the way writers use their words, and that instantly makes you like them. If you are like us, you won't be able to withdraw the book you are reading until you finish the last chapter, especially if it's a book well written. However, entertainment is not the only service writers serve. There are many other health benefits of reading that lazy people seemingly never tried to know. But since you are already here on this page, you possibly have a knack for reading or maybe trying to get back with the old magical habit. In either scenario, you need to know the benefits books have on our mental health.

In this post, you are going to get 5 helpful reading tips that will help you get perfect mental well-being; if you don't know where to sit and read, head over to and get yourself the best reading chair.

Benefits of Reading Books You Probably Never Heard About

Reading improves our knowledge and language skills, develops emotions, and makes us more of a human being. If you read to your child regularly or ask her to read to you, it is surely going to develop the bond between you. No matter if it's non-fiction that you love reading or literature makes you more imaginative, build a habit of reading to your loved ones or to your inner self when alone. Among billions of benefits reading provides to us, here are some of them that we find fascinating.

  • A study says that reading can reduce heart disease and risks of strokes by 50 percent

  • Reading every day can reduce your stress level to a great extent

  • As we age, we have trouble remembering names, locations, numbers, etc., but reading can help in slowing down or even prevent our cognitive decline.

  • Reading a novel can strengthen your brain, making the cells maturer

  • If you ditch the smartphones and read a book instead, before going to bed, it will lead to better sleep

  • Reading can improve your social skills as you would understand the difference between you and other people

  • It improves your IQ score

Now that you already know the most common benefits we gain through reading let's discuss some helpful tips to build a healthy reading habit.

5 Helpful Reading Tips

Do you do any of the things listed below? If yes, you've got it right. If no, start doing these from today.

Read whenever you can

It's good to have a reading schedule, but you should also try to read more whenever you get time. If you are bored, read instead of hovering over social media.

Summarise the books in your head

When you read something of your choice, it can be a chapter, a paragraph, an article, or the total book. Talk about it with a friend or family. If you can't find someone, recall it from time to time in your head. It would also be great if you join a local book club or online book club to discuss your favorite books and share ideas with other bookworms like you. 

Use a marker 

When you find something in the book which you have enjoyed reading, mark them with a pencil or colored pencil immediately. You can also use narrow post-it notes to keep words, passages, page numbers separately so that you can go through those whenever you want. 

Use a vocabulary

Everyone doesn't know all the words in the world. And when you read a book, there is a chance you are going to find an unknown word at least once. Whenever you read something you don't understand, immediately check an online or physical dictionary. Also, mark the words on your book you find unfamiliar.


If you don't understand something, maybe a paragraph or the entire book, re-read it. You will realize different things when you read a book twice.

With all these helpful reading tips, you are going to get the most benefits of reading if you make it a daily habit. If you have something to say, use the comment box below.

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