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How to Take Care of Breast Implants after Surgery

Update Date: Nov 04, 2020 11:48 AM EST
How to Take Care of Breast Implants after Surgery
(Photo : How to Take Care of Breast Implants after Surgery )

After undergoing breast augmentation, you will wish to recover faster to continue with your daily business as usual. Caring for an augmented breast is simple. You need to adhere to the surgeon's recommendations about dos and don'ts to avoid complications such as implant rupture, capsular contracture, and bottoming out of implants.

This article features some of the best practices on how to take care of breast implants after surery.

1. Put On Right Bra

Wearing the right bra is one of the must-do procedures for quick recovery after undergoing a breast augmentation. After breast surgery, the doctor will issue you a surgical bra that you will be requested to wear for a couple of weeks as recommended by a professional surgeon.

Moreover, once you are wearing the recommended surgical bra, you may need to adapt to the normal bras. Since stiff bras are prone to irritate the breast incisions, choose ones with no underwire at first. To avoid any breast sagging cases, make sure you wear a bra every day to support your breasts.

2. Carry Out Breast Massage

This is another technique for caring for breast implants after surgery. Many professional surgeons such as Dr. Hendrick recommend that you perform an exercise known as implant displacement after a slight heal from your surgery. 

Implant displacement is one type of breast massage of removing the implant inside the breast pocket. This massage is performed more often during the early days after surgery to maintain the healing standard. Therefore, if recommended to perform an implant displacement (breast massage), perform it as directed to keep your implants supple and soft.

3. Go for a Mammogram

The mammogram process, also known as breast imaging, is an essential technique for breast implanted women. Mammograms are crucial techniques for every woman, strictly following surgeons' recommendations if you're after the best breast imaging. Since breast imaging may involve a long process with thousands of patients, secure a slot by informing the imaging center for your next appointments. 

4. Take Time to Know Your Breasts

Augmented breasts may resemble your natural breasts. So, to differentiate these two may give you a sweat. Spend some of your time to know some of their differences. Focus on understanding how they feel or even examine their appearance. Once you get familiar with your breasts, you'll probably perform personal breast self-examination; one of the essential health practices.

5. Get Time to Recover Properly

Healing from a breast implant is not a walk in the park. It doesn't only require proper recovery time, but you also need to follow all the surgeons' instructions to the latter. Despite all these, many women return to work just 7-10 days after surgery. The decision is not wrong, and if you decide to make this move, make sure you avoid heavy lifting for proper recovery. 

Bottom Line

Do you love to take care of your implant? If yes, then those are some of how to take care of breast implants after surgery you need to know. When you adhere to them, you can have a significant impact on your boobs.

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