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Recent Advances in Essential Tremor Treatment

Update Date: Oct 19, 2020 10:42 PM EDT
Recent Advances in Essential Tremor Treatment
(Photo : Recent Advances in Essential Tremor Treatment)

It can be challenging to be one of the millions of Americans who suffer from the medical condition known as essential tremor. The condition was originally considered to be benign, however it can have an impact on someone's life when everyday tasks such as dressing and eating become difficult . Essential tremor symptoms tend to get worse with age, and it can be challenging to go through life's responsibilities when you are worried about messing up menial tasks.

Fortunately, you do not have to resign yourself to being stuck in a helpless situation just because there is no cure for essential tremor. The best way to handle medical conditions is by deepening your understanding, as well as keeping up to date with the most recent advances in treatment options.

On the subject of breakthroughs

When it comes to conventional medicine and treatment, there are currently no scientific breakthroughs when it comes to essential tremor treatment. However, it does not mean that the realm of medicine has been static. As a matter of fact, advances in the field of surgery have made it easier for those who suffer from essential tremor to get treatment. Besides deep brain stimulation and radiosurgery, focused ultrasound is also now being considered by patients as it does not require incisions or radiation. As more and more people are being made aware that this condition has treatment options, the demand for treatment is increasing.

Changes in how the public views the condition

It might be a surprise that essential tremor is still often discussed as being relatively harmless despite the number of lives it has adversely affected. Not only does it make everyday tasks extremely difficult, but it is something that often gets worse with age. It means that if you do not have an effective treatment, it could very well begin to affect your quality of life. The symptoms are also known to worsen when the individual experiences stress or agitation, which tends to create a cycle of embarrassment and discomfort.

All things considered, the future prospect for essential tremor, despite not having a cure, is a hopeful one. While there have not been too many advancements in the form of medications, the advancement of technology has brought new less invasive surgical treatment options. 

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