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How to Help Others

Update Date: Oct 13, 2020 11:07 AM EDT
How to Help Others
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When you have just recovered from a medical issue or have known someone who struggled, you may want to help others in the same position and yet feel unable to make a difference. However, there are a surprisingly large number of ways in which you can change someone's life for the better and here are some top steps that you can take to make sure that you can bring about positive change for other people who need an extra helping hand. 

Train as a Nurse 

If your medical condition has made you determined to dedicate your entire life to medical care and helping others, you should consider training as a nurse. Training as a nurse can help you make a real difference to people who are suffering with health problems. You can even train in a specialism so that you can focus on the people whom you believe you can help the most. Although nursing can be a grueling career option, it can be made easier by taking an online degree as this will allow you to gain all the qualifications that you need from the comfort of your home. If you are unsure whether healthcare is the right career option for you, Carson-Newman University's article, 'Why become a nurse practitioner' may allow you to see why this pathway can fulfil your desire to make a difference. 


If you would like to help others, and yet have a full-time job that prevents you from giving up a lot of your time in order to support people in need, you should consider volunteering opportunities. Volunteering is a great option as it allows you to help others in a way that suits your own schedule, with a range of roles to choose from that suit everyone's different capabilities. For instance, many people decide to volunteer at a hospital when they have an influx of patients, to take part in projects as part of the church that they attend or simply volunteer for a charity, such as at one of their storefronts. This can ensure that enough money and awareness is raised for and about the medical conditions that you are passionate about.

Donate Time and Money 

Many health charities are crying out for donations and donating money can be a great way to help these institutions to carry out the important work that they are known for. If you do not have enough money to donate easily, you can still make a contribution and many hospitals and care centers constantly look for donations of blankets, clothing, and other essentials that can be used by their patients when they need them most. However, physical donations are not the most important type, and donating your time is more important than anything else you can do, whether that be volunteering or simply by helping to spread awareness. 

Pay Them Visits 

If you know someone that is struggling, or there are people in your local area that need help, you should consider paying them a visit and keeping them company when they need it. You could also consider setting up a neighbourhood scheme in which people can sign up to help others and complete chores for them. This is an important way to boost the mental health of local people who may be struggling, as well as providing them with comfort and a listening ear in their darkest moments. You should also ask them if there is anything that you can do for them, such as a supermarket run or cooking a meal for them. This will ensure that you are able to put your good intentions to use in an effective manner that realistically helps the person who is in need. 


You do not have to have large sums of money to donate in order to help others. Consider getting your family and friends to participate too by hosting a fundraising campaign. Common fundraising ploys include bake sales, marathons, and events such as dress-up days and sponsored silences. You could even ask your manager whether they would be willing to start up a campaign within your office or factory. However, now that we have the internet at our fingertips, it is also possible to get donations from people all over the world. In order to do this, you should create a crowdfunding page and share your story with others, including why you believe your cause is worthy of their support. You may also be able to create interest through the use of social media.

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