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Health Tips for Over 55s That Help Keep Health Insurance Costs Down

Update Date: Sep 23, 2020 02:44 PM EDT
Health Tips for Over 55s That Help Keep Health Insurance Costs Down
(Photo : Health Tips for Over 55s That Help Keep Health Insurance Costs Down)

Health insurance for people between the age of 50 and 64 is scandalous. Insurers around the world are still allowed to deny your application, or offer up massive charges and big deductibles, and it is unfair. Plus, if you have pre-existing conditions, then getting health insurance is even harder. The truth is that even people in a terrible state of health are able to get affordable health insurance, it is just far more difficult than it is for healthy 30-year-olds. In order to make things easier, here are a few health tips that will have the added benefit of keeping your insurance costs down.

Keep Fat Off Your Belly

Diabetes has long been thought to have been caused by an excess of sugar, but there is more and more growing evidence that excessive sugar is not the cause of diabetes, it is just that sugar brings the condition on a little faster. In fact, it is abdominal fat that is the biggest cause of type 2 diabetes, which may explain why men seem to get this condition more than women. There is no need to have rock-hard abs and a six pack you can break clams on, but they do say that a flat stomach starts in the kitchen. Perhaps try a few diet foods, and maybe a FODMAP diet to help keep your stomach a little flatter. 

Gentle Exercise and Correct Seating Positions

The second most costly ailment for health insurance companies is back and neck problems. If you already have a history of these ailments, then there is little you can do. Otherwise, try to avoid these problems at all costs. Perhaps, you might also want to know what does medicare cover when you're retired. To your surprise, as per your plan, you can expect to cover prescription medicines and drugs. This means you might be able to receive medical assistance for back and neck problems too, from your insurer. 

The problem with this is that neck pain and back pain are very difficult to diagnose correctly, and the medication to treat them are effective and will sell for a big profit. For that reason, there is quite a trade in getting painkiller pills from the doctor, which has invariably pushed up the price of health insurance by a wide margin. This is not good news for people over the age of 50, especially for those who do have genuine bad backs and/or necks.

Avoid Obesity at all Costs

Being overweight is okay. In fact, there is growing evidence that if you live up to 55+, then you are better off if you have too much weight rather than too little. However, your premium landscape for over 55 seniors health insurance changes if you have obesity problems. If your body mass index reaches a certain level, then insurers are going to dramatically increase your risk factors for over 20 diseases, including future diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and so forth. If you crest over the line by just a bit, or even if you get too close to the line, then your health insurance negotiations will not go your way.

Avoid Irritable Bowel Syndrome

How is such a seemingly harmless ailment going to affect your ability to get good health insurance? It is because you may have to negotiate hard for your health insurance and it may take more than simply signing up online. If the insurance company starts looking into your health records, it is best that they do not see irritable bowel syndrome in your past, or in your recent history. This is because irritable bowel syndrome and several other bowel disorders are a signal that you are not living a very healthy life. 

Try a FODMAP diet to manage and reduce your irritable bowel syndrome. Even if you have a bit of a bloated stomach, you should try the FODMAP diet to help stop the swelling. Here is a link to a website that has listed every single food you can and cannot have on the FODMAP diet.

Exercise Gently and Eat Right to Avoid High Blood Pressure

Around two thirds of people over the age of 60 have problems with their blood pressure. You will need to avoid things like smoking and drinking, and find a way to exercise more and eat right if you want to avoid high blood pressure. Problems with your blood pressure is another signal that you are not living a clean and healthy lifestyle. You may claim on the forms that you do not drink, smoke, eat junk, and so forth but, if you have blood pressure problems and bowel problems, then they will assume that you are lying and that you are not taking care of yourself correctly. 

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