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The Undeniable Link Between Looking Good and Feeling Good

Update Date: Mar 06, 2020 01:30 AM EST
The Undeniable Link Between Looking Good and Feeling Good
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Your self-esteem is often linked to how you look. While your self-worth can and should be found within, your appearance still plays a part and admitting that is not only honest but mature.

The following points can help you see how important your appearance is for your self-esteem:

Your Health & Wellness

One thing that is important for your self-esteem is your overall health and wellness. It's important to note this varies from person to person. The key is finding a balance that makes you happy. If fitness is important to you, hiring a personal trainer may be an important part of your daily routine. 

Your Style

Most likely you've experienced the feeling you get when you put on an amazing outfit whether that's your favorite pair of jeans and a tee or if you're dressed to impress. What you choose to wear can set a tone for the day. What you wear underneath can be just as impactful on how you feel. While a waist corset might sound like something from another century, wearing one under your clothing could give a more contoured look to your body. Now, it is important to figure out what style looks best on you and the kind of clothes that will pair well with your body shape, so consider that as you choose. It may also be a good idea to tailor your clothes to make it look like your outfits were made for you.

In addition to your clothes, makeup can be a great way to change your mood. Perhaps you love a bright lipstick to put a pep in your step. Whether you choose a more dramatic makeup style or natural look, the key is highlighting your features. This means accentuating things like your jawline or your cheekbones. Maybe you want to draw attention to your lips or beautiful eyes. Experiment with colors and styles. 

Highlighting your unique style is a good way to feel better. Remember to have fun and not take yourself too seriously!

What You Eat

Eating the right foods can make you look and feel better. For example, you could add more healthy fats, like omega 3's, or protein from foods, such as adding eggs to your diet to watch your hair grow more fully and stronger.

Another thing you may want to keep in mind is that dark, leafy greens and a lot of good natural spring water can make your skin glow. Yes, the trick to achieve that natural glow that many people want is to simply drink more water (preferably one that is naturally alkaline), and make sure you eat your greens.

Hopefully, these tips help you look exactly how you want to look. Beauty is inside, but that doesn't mean the outside doesn't help boost your confidence.

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