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Makeup, Skincare May Help People Cope With Anxiety And Depression

Update Date: Feb 16, 2017 08:50 AM EST

Women suffering from anxiety and depression may get some help from their makeup kits. Beauty routines, according to experts, may have some pretty and powerful cognitive benefits on the brain.

Women, who are stuck in negative thought patterns like over analysing situation, blaming themselves for things beyond their control, are having pitfall patterns. According to psychotherapist Mike Dow, those negative thoughts are linked to neurological processes in the brain that are associated with anxiety and depression.

Certain actions like makeup routine or skincare can help uproot them. Dow said that many processes in the brain are more circular and less linear. "They look like merry-go-rounds, not arrows," he explains. To change the patterns, the loops have to be interrupted.

Patients undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy are taught to do something productive or pleasurable when they start to get feelings of anxiety and depression. Many of the patients believe that makeup and skincare fit in the list.

One patient undergoing therapy claims that makeup and skincare brings her much needed peace, control and empowerment. It gives her a time to focus on something besides anxiety. On the other hand, it also gives her an assurance every time she looks in the mirror.

Makeup and skincare, or any other beauty regimens, have the potential to be more than just a hobby or a part of a daily appearance management. It is actually a ritualized form of self-care, an avenue for routine and control. It is also a means of creating the identity they want to project. It can also be a space for mindfulness and reflection.

Years back, a study titled "Evaluating Ritual Efficacy: Evidence From The Supernatural" has already found a correlation between very specific multistep, repetitive rituals and a perceived boost ineffectiveness. Makeup and skincare application can also invoke powerful positive neurochemical response through touch.

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