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Sleep Problems: How Gadgets And Apps Can Help With Dozing Off

Update Date: Feb 14, 2017 07:20 AM EST

Sleep problems are common to 86 percent of the population. Experts reveal how to battle and win in this frustrating experience.

In England alone, there are 10 million prescriptions written for sleeping pills. According to a survey done by Crampex, the 86 percent of the population that suffers from sleep problems have done their best efforts in going to sleep like taking a warm bath or drinking hot milk before going to sleep.

Jason Ellis, sleep science expert, said that insomnia strikes everyone at some point in their lives. The right amount of sleep is very important to one's health. Chronic sleep problems can put a person at risk for diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure and even stroke.

However, sleep problem does not only mean insomnia. Too much sleep can also be bad for one's health. According to a study, getting more than nine of hours of sleep at night are 30 percent more likely to die early. With the current technology, there are gadgets and apps that can help address sleep problems and give someone a perfect rest at night.

The White Noise app for iPhone and Android can help winding down after a long day. It has more than 40 different sounds from beach waves, heavy rain and even a sound of a fan. The noise can be set to fade out after a fixed amount of time. Repetitive sounds can help someone who has sleep problems doze off.

For those who want to track their sleep patterns, Misfit Shine, a gadget which can be worn like a wristband, can automatically detect if the user has already fallen asleep. It will measure how long and how deep the user's sleep has been. Waking up when the person is at its lightest sleep will make him feel more refreshed. This gadget has a smart alarm that can detect when the person is in his lightest sleep.

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