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Top Reviewer Asks Questions Regarding PureVPN No-Log Audit!

Update Date: Sep 09, 2019 04:32 PM EDT

We see many VPN services claiming to keep No Logs of user data. This term has been heavily marketed by all of these VPN brands for so many years. Apparently, this was done in response to allegations made by Tor and other cyber security enthusiasts who have been wary regarding the reliability of VPN brands.

While so many VPN brands have made the claim of keeping no logs, it is surprising to see just how many have provided proof of this claim. Many VPN brands have already been exposed in the past when their privacy policy page was evaluated and it was discovered that they do keep logs of user data for "maintenance purposes." Only a handful of VPN brands have got a transparent privacy policy page that claims that they actually don't store any user logs on their system. One of these VPN brands is the Hong-Kong-based VPN service PureVPN.

But even if the privacy policy page claims of keeping zero-logs, we still can't take these VPN services by their word. This is why some leading VPN services, including PureVPN, took the step of allowing independent auditors to perform an audit of their network and systems and confirm if they store any logs or not. Only six VPN services have taken this step so far, and the most recent one is PureVPN.

An independent Audit firm, Altius IT, performed an audit of PureVPN's network and discovered no trace that the VPN service keeps any kind of logs on its system. This is good news for all PureVPN users. And what's even better is that the VPN service went a step further and provided some very insightful information to a top reviewing website,

It was the reviewing website that posted questions to the VPN service and these were answered by a representative from the company. PureVPN confirmed that:

"It was an intensive end to end Audit. We allowed and provisioned all accesses for them to pick up which systems they'd want at their will. They looked at everything from our VPN servers to configurations to systems services and APIs.

"They also looked at our databases and traced the entire data flows to ensure that no user identifiable information was stored nowhere. Full Audit report is available for publishers upon request and has been made available for all our users inside Members Area."

You can read this very insightful interview from here

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