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5 Ways To Shop In An Eco-Friendly Way

Update Date: Sep 09, 2019 04:33 PM EDT

It is a crucial time to help make changes towards the environment and try to lower the carbon footprint. We have already polluted our oceans, affected our environment and have caused global warming. 

Before the damage is truly done and we cannot repair it, let's try to make a change in order to contribute towards a positive outcome. Here are 4 ways you can shop in an eco-friendly way. 

Reusable Grocery Bags 

You will start to notice that people are using reusable groceries bags more often, especially when making a trip down to the supermarket. Reusable grocery bags are eco-friendly because they are made out of recycled or harmless material. They also don't need to be disposed of every time you use them, unlike plastic bags. 

You can use reusable grocery bags at any time; it doesn't need to be just for food shopping. Some use them to carry everyday belongings; others use them to take their lunch with them to work. They are also cheap and can be stylish, which is as an advantage, instead of walking around with plastic grocery bags.

Palm Oil Free Products

It is really important to cut down on palm oil since it is affecting many homes and forests that belong to orangutans. Palm oil deforestation is causing great harm to our environment, and sadly, this cheap vegetable oil is used globally in the majority of everyday products. From toothpaste to chocolate spreads; nearly everything includes palm oil. 

However, there are some major brands such as Kelloggs that have created products that are palm oil-free. There are also up and coming brands that you should try out that focuses on palm oil-free products. 

Cut Down On Meat 

When it comes to grocery shopping, you can always buy less meat and eat more fruit and vegetables. Not only would it be a great benefit for your health and well being, but it is cheaper too. 

You would also contribute positively to the environment since cows are causing the majority of CO2 emissions. You can make some delicious vegetarian meals for yourself, family or just to entertain some guests. 

You could also switch from dairy products to vegan products such as almond milk, soya double cream and vegan cheese. 

Use Less Plastic 

When you are in the supermarket, do you realise how much plastic packaging is used in products? Even if you have to purchase those products with plastic packaging, you can always recycle them properly and store your products in the fridge without packaging. 

In fact, you can always replace the plastic packaging with reusable storage bags. They're cheap, harmless and can be used multiple times. Some reusable food storage bags are also freezable.

Buy Clothes That Are Eco-Friendly 

The clothes that we included chemicals and hazardous materials that affect us and the environment by the way they're made. If you choose to go for eco-friendly clothing materials that help improve the environment, they also help support sustainable clothing manufacturers that have materials that are good for your skin. 

Major brands such as Zara are on the eco-friendly bandwagon and are now switching to recycled fibres. Look out for clothing items that have labels which show materials such as organic cotton, bamboo or hemp fabric; because they're eco-friendly. 

Be Green Focused

It is important to read the labels on the products you buy and always go for biodegradable products if you can. 

We as a society do not realise how much major conglomerate companies affect the earth we live on, and we need to stop contributing to their wealth.

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