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Exercise Pills Against Obesity: Salk Study Shows Promise For Faster Results [VIDEO]

Update Date: May 03, 2017 09:40 AM EDT

Having a fit and healthy lifestyle requires willpower to work out. However, science may have found a way to burn fat without going to the gym or simply, doing some routines. Read on for more details on exercise pills.

Exercise Pills Update: Researchers Make Huge Discovery

The Salk Institute conducted an experiment on mice for a recent study. Scientists learned about the effectiveness of these pills. These animals have higher endurance, compared to those which they put on a treadmill.

Eureka Alert reported that the group was able to run for at least 270 minutes. It is 70 percent higher than the mice which were not on drugs.

They found out that there is another was in getting a higher rate of endurance outside, aside from workouts. They said that the exercise pills have the capability to mimic the results in fat burning and increasing stamina. They also worked in the insulin production and even battling obesity.

How Do They Work?

The team of specialists from Salk used the compound known as GW501516, which affected almost 1,000 genes. Based on their research, the test has two surprising results. Most of the genes burned the fats, while the remaining genes yielded energy from sugar.

The study also found an answer on why athletes experience fatigue when they exceed the limits of their whole body. However, with the help of the drug, there might be some changes in the muscle proteins called PPARD. They added that the body will have the chance to improve one's endurance.

Who Can Benefit From Exercise Pills?

The Salk Institute wrote on "Cell Metabolism" that the exercise pills might help in dealing with illnesses. These pills can also help people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes, heart, and pulmonary conditions. Aside from that, it can help elderly people who cannot perform workout routines.

The Guardian reported on what other scientists think about this medicine wonder. They took note of the past history when people did abuse the powerful drug. However, they still remained hopeful that this might be a start of finding the cure for various diseases.

This is the latest news on the exercise pills. Tune in for more updates.

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