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Gluten-Free Diet Can Risk Heart Health Concerns, New Study Finds [VIDEO]

Update Date: May 03, 2017 08:28 AM EDT

These days, most people are avoiding gluten as part of their diet. However, a new research found out that a gluten-free diet does not lower the risk of heart disease.

What Did The Study Find Out?

This new study on gluten-free diet suggested that the said diet can be dangerous to one's health. The study has been published in the journal BMJ. Most of the people who are into the diet tend to skip the intake of whole grains according to Live Science.

It is important not to suggest a gluten-free diet to those who do not have celiac disease. The report also indicated that those who do not have celiac disease believe that his diet can be healthy. In fact, most people often go to this kind of diet in order to lose weight.

This recent study has been conducted to more than 110,000 health professionals. This study went on for over a 26-year period. The participants were made to answer questionnaires regarding the diet. The health of these participants was also noted along the way.

When researchers divided the participants into five groups, the ones that had more intakes on gluten were the ones less likely to have a heart disease. The researchers also found out that gluten intake had been linked to lower cases of heart attacks than the gluten-free diet.

Cons Of The Diet

Meanwhile, going gluten-free also has its downside to a person's health. It lessens the intake of fibers and loses some vitamins needed for the body, as reported by Medpage Today. It is indicated that doctors and health professionals must educate the patients regarding the said diet.

It is not a guarantee that the gluten-free diet can be healthy. There are certain health problems that can arise if the person does not take in gluten foods.

The people that do not need to take in gluten are those sensitive from it and those that have celiac disease. Stay tuned for more updates on this diet.

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