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Powwow Sweat Fitness Program, A New Way To Stay Healthy [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 18, 2017 09:20 PM EDT

Powwow Sweat is a program by the Couer d' Alene Tribe that incorporates physical fitness with traditional dance. This said program breaks down six traditional tribal dances into a workout fitness program in a video.

The Powwow Sweat fitness program has been granted by the Centers for control and Prevention to help out people stay fit. It is indicated that the traditional tribal dances that are made into a workout can eventually improve the members of the tribe's health and reduce the risk of heart disease as reported by The Spokesman-Review.

This program also incorporates spirituality that is needed by the members of the tribe. Thus the Powwow Sweat fitness program is the one that best fits the members. Other fitness programs lack the spirituality that is needed by the tribe.

A member of the tribe shared that the Powwow Sweat fitness program is much more attractive than that of other physical workout programs. Ryan Ortivez attends the classes weekly and admitted that he already lost 13 pounds since he joined the fitness program. This is a different way of getting into a workout and preventing obesity.

Obesity and heart disease are significant in an Indian Country. A gym membership is also not a thing for the people especially with the Couer d' Alene Tribe. The Powwow Sweat has been made attractive for the members in order for most of them to join in the program according to NPR.

The goal of the program is to achieve a community-wide positive outcome. It has been done for the community itself. The dances in the program are from the traditional tribal dances of the tribe but are being enhanced as a workout fitness dance.

There may be a lot of fitness programs that people can join in in the recent times. The Powwow Sweat is a new and unique one that people can get into and still get fit.

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