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Pots mokers Gather At Hyde Park To Celebrate 4/20 Weed Day [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 21, 2017 09:51 AM EDT

Pot smokers declared 4/20 "Weed Day." Several people gathered at Hyde Park on this day to celebrate. There are also those who smoke marijuana joints on this day, as a peaceful protest to marijuana laws.

Pot Smokers: Meet The Waldos

Cannabis users all over the world celebrate Apr. 20 (4/20) as weed day. There are several pot smokers that gathered around on this day at 4:20 pm to smoke marijuana joints. It has long since been celebrated and the history would go back a long time ago, to a group of teens called the Waldos.

In 1971, a group of teens would gather every 4:20 pm at the statue of Louis Pasteur to look for cannabis crop. These teens called themselves the Waldos. They were pot smokers and every time they meet up they would smoke marijuana as reported by Express UK.

People Meet Every 4:20 In The Afternoon

In fact, Steve Capper, one of the teenage students shared in 2012 that they would always mention to each other that they will meet at 4:20 pm at the statue of Louis Pasteur. He noted that it used to be 4/20-Louis but later on they dropped the Louis and just called it 4/20.

Capper stated that they all would meet at 4:20 pm and they all went on to ride in his old '66 Chevy Impala. The teenagers would smoke marijuana all the way as they go on driving and look for the cannabis crop. He concluded then that they never found the pot.

It was then that 4/20 had been a short name for cannabis and it spread all over California. The Grateful Dead, a famous rock band in the 1960s moved to California and befriended the Waldos. Since then, pot smokers would refer to cannabis as 4/20 and celebrate the event every year on the same day.

Meanwhile, in the recent 4/20 event, there were 12 people arrested for drug offenses. The police warned the people who joined in the gathering not to smoke marijuana during the event. However, after several warnings, there were those who did not follow orders and got arrested as reported by Metro.

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