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Fentanyl Can Be A Cause For Drug Overdose, The Fatality Of Such Drug Has Gone High [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 10, 2017 11:27 AM EDT

There is a recent surge of a drug overdose, and the main cause is the synthetic opioid fentanyl, which has its own side effects. Most of these men and women who have been dead due to overdose are not aware of the substance. A rise of opioid overdosed patients is rampant in Massachusetts.

Opioid addiction has been the recent cause for patients who die of the drug overdose as reported by The Huffington Post. The synthetic drug fentanyl has been the culprit for most of these deaths. In two years' time, there has been a rise in the fatality due to overdose.

It is indicated that fentanyl is more potent than morphine. The drug is known to enter the brain quickly because of its high fat solubility.

Fentanyl can be deadly that even the people assisting the patient can be contaminated by it. Most of the drug overdose and fentanyl side effects can be seen in persons having an opioid addiction.

The same report indicated that fentanyl is a prescribed drug. It can be prescribed to ease post-surgical pain and palliative care. However, due to the production of the drug in China and to its cheap price, it is often used as a drug to be added to morphine and cocaine, which then lead to its side effects and can cause an overdose.

The majority of people who get drug overdosed are not aware of the substance of fentanyl in it. Those people who are addicted to opioids are most likely to seek fentanyl. This is because the higher the dosage, the less likely the normal opioid drug can give the euphoric satisfaction; thus, they seek a more potent drug, which can be found in fentanyl.

Meanwhile, there has been a surge of deaths in Massachusetts due to opioid addiction. Most of these men and women are reported to have fentanyl in their system according to NPR. There has been a 57 percent rise of such case in 2015.

Fentanyl is a strong drug that is mostly mixed with other drugs. The people who use these drugs can get overdosed in such a matter of seconds. The brain's oxygen can get drained right away because of fentanyl side effects and can cause hard breathing for patients who are taking the substance.

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