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Microwaving Tea Internet Debate: Fight Between British Netizens And Views Of Scientists; Check Out Why

Update Date: Apr 20, 2017 08:13 AM EDT

Microwaving tea is best for health purposes, as well as when it comes to taste, said a latest research. However, despite all the evidence, British netizens are not in agreement with these views.

They would rather stick to their kettle and boil the tea for getting its regular taste. Check out more details, here.

Australian Scientist Says Microwaving Tea Is Best

According to The National Student, an Australian scientist has come across a finding that reveals that microwaving tea helps you to get the best health benefits from the drink. The University of Newcastle researcher, Dr. Quan Vuong reported these findings after researching dedicatedly for years on black and green tea.

His findings revealed that microwaving tea activates the maximum percentage of caffeine, Polyphenol and theanine compounds, which make up the healthy combination of antioxidants and essential amino acids present naturally in tea leaves. By activating these compounds for up to 80%, you can also enhance the taste of the tea. According to Vuong, microwaving tea is one of the most advanced technologies that help to get you more bioactive compounds from the same tea leaves that you use regularly for brewing.

How To Prepare Microwaving Tea For Optimum Health Benefits?

AOL said that the best way to prepare tea, as advised by Vuong is by putting the tea bag in the microwave safe cup with water and microwaving it for around 30 seconds on half power. Leave the mug with the tea bag to cool for a minute and then enjoy the tea by removing the tea bag.

Vuong said that with the help of these methods, users can prevent high-risk diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. But the British tea lovers do not like this idea of microwaving tea. These are the people who invented tea and consider that using kettle method for brewing is the best way to prepare their favorite hot drink.

The whole internet is flooded with negative comments, with one of the user saying "sacrilege," whereas another user was urging never to try out the microwaving tea technique.

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