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Meghan Linsey's Journey To Recovery From Brown Recluse Spider Bite Shared With Fans [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 15, 2017 11:30 PM EDT

Former "The Voice" runner-up Meghan Linsey expressed positivity as she is recovering from a brown recluse spider bite in February that has left a deep wound.

The tissues of her wound around where she had been bitten turned black before it came off to start healing. The contemporary country star still has a scar a few centimeters under her left eye that needs to be covered by layers of makeup-- something she was not used to doing as part of her makeup routine. She was grateful though that she is alive.

Meghan Linsey woke up one day with a brown recluse spider bite. She did not realize that she had killed it while she was half asleep. The brown recluse was one of the most venomous spiders. She developed symptoms linked to the bite later on in spite of receiving immediate treatment involving antibiotics.

The singer who was part of the Steel Magnolia duo with then-boyfriend Joshua Scott Jones, underwent a hyperbaric treatment as per a wound specialist's advice. She credited the method for the more rapid healing of her wound. She added that being in good physical condition after losing 30 pounds prior to the incident with the spider was also helpful to how well she has been recovering, the People reported.

She posted photos of her journey to recovery on her Instagram account where she expressed appreciation of the outpouring of support from her fans who have been following her.

Brown recluse spiders are about 1.3 centimeters long and are found mostly in the south-central areas of the US. When it bites a person, the part will appear red and a blister could develop. Pain and itching will ensue for about 2 to 8 hours. A week or so later, the cells die as a result. The bite may also cause fever and chills and rashes all over the body. Some people also experience nausea and joint pain.

People who suspect being bitten by a brown recluse are advised to avoid too much movement or excitement in order to prevent the venom from flowing into the blood. They should see a doctor when they observe severe symptoms, according to WebMD.

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