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Wisconsin Residents Warned Against Lyme Disease Caused By Tick Bites [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 10, 2017 11:37 AM EDT

Most physicians agree that tick bites treatment which involves the use of antibiotics is more effective when done at the earliest stage of the condition. Still, the best course for Lyme disease management is prevention and it is what residents of Wisconsin need to do.

Health officials warn that the weather conditions in the Midwest is conducive for growth in the population and activity of deer tick or black-legged tick, which could be infected with Borrelia type bacteria such as mayonii, afzelii, burgdorferi, and garinii. This type of tick could cause Lyme disease to a person it bites.

The condition manifests itself with a rash within a month from the bite that has a clearing in the middle. Other early symptoms include fever, body aches and headache. Later on, the rashes may also be observed in other parts of the body and could include swelling and joint pain in the knees, as well as neurological problems.

In some cases, an irregular heartbeat, fatigue and inflammation of the eye or the liver could be noticed, according to Mayo Clinic.

The National Pest Management Association predicted that there will be an increase in deer ticks in Wisconsin earlier than usual, and they warned the public to take the necessary steps to avoid tick bites as they could cause Lyme disease.

To increase protection against tick bites, they recommended that insect repellent registered with the Environmental Protection Agency be utilized. When doing activities outdoors, wearing light colored shirt-tucked in-- and long pants with the legs tucked into the socks or boots may help.

They also urge nature lovers to use products with permethrin content on clothes, boots, tents and other gears, and to check whether ticks latch onto them when they get home. It is not a good idea to use bare hands to remove ticks.

Consulting with a doctor is a must for anyone who found that a tick has stuck on them for 24 hours in order to get tick bites treatment who might administer antibiotics such as doxycycline, the Journal Sentinel reported.

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