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'Scandal' Episode 100: Olivia Fitz Wedding And More 'What If?' Details [VIDEO]

Update Date: Apr 15, 2017 07:32 AM EDT

"Scandal" Season 6 celebrated its 100th episode milestone with an alternative universe for the characters. Check out the recap below.

"Scandal" Season 6 Episode 10 "The Decision" aired on Thursday, Apr. 13, 2017. The political drama series gave fans an exclusive peek of what could have been if Olivia and her team did not rig the 2010 presidential election.

Olivia Marries Fitz

Despite not winning the elections, Fitz still wanted to be with Liv. He broke up with Mellie and saved Liv from dating Leo.

The two even had a career post-Defiance, Entertainment Weekly reported. She worked on various bills for Marcus. Fitz has Jake as his best friend and starred on his own show, "The Grant Report." However, things began going downhill from there.

Huck Is Obsessed With Reality TV Quinn

Her Gladiator babies also had different lives in this episode. Quinn went on to have a reality TV career as part of a "The Bachelor"-like show. She and a drunken Fitz even had a little steamy interaction before he pushed her off.

Abby, Huck, and David still worked for Pope and Associates. The only thing that remained is Huck's obsession/crush on Quinn/Lindsey.

Mellie And Her Political Love Triangle

In exchange for Fitz, Mellie is now in the running of becoming the most powerful leader of the world. The episode then reveals that she and Cyrus are in a political relationship, despite his real sexual preference.

Mellie did not like the idea of outing Sally's husband over his affair with another man in order to win. The plan is too close to what she is currently experiencing.

"The Decision" ended with Olivia and Fitz patching things up without going through a divorce. In real life, Olivia finally made a decision to help Cyrus in his pursuit for the White House.

"Scandal" Season 6 Reaches A Rare Milestone

Getting to the 100th episode mark is not a usual occurrence in the TV industry, especially for women showrunner. As of now, only CSI's Ann Donahue and Carol Mendelsohn had three shows with 100 episodes. With "The Decision," Shonda Rhimes broke a lot of records besides the triple feat.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out she is the first and only African-American, who has done the same on TV. It was made possible for her shows including "Private Practice," "Grey's Anatomy," and now "Scandal."

Writer Betsy Beers and actress Kerry Washington only had good things to share about Rhimes and her recent achievements. Beers felt honored to work as one of her partners at Shondaland.

Washington added, "It's very historic. Shonda is a boss, badass beast and I'm so happy to be living in her queendom."

What can you say about the "Scandal" Episode 100? "Scandal" Season 6 airs every Thursdays on ABC.

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