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Frozen 2 News: Original Ending Revealed, Evil Elsa's Frozen Heart; Hans Update

Update Date: Mar 30, 2017 09:50 PM EDT

"Frozen" producer, Peter Del Vecho just dropped a bomb on what should have been the real ending for the hit 2013 Disney movie. Read on for more details about Disney's "Frozen."

Vecho did not stop himself from spilling the beans. These movie details might even answer some of the fans' burning questions.

Known as the most successful animated flick of all time, "Frozen" almost had a darker alternative ending. This is what Peter Del Vecho recently shared in Entertainment Weekly's "Untold Stories" column.

Elsa And Anna Aren't Even Related

One of the earliest plans is that Elsa (Idina Menzel) did not have any familial connection with Anna (Kristen Bell). Aside from this, the first versions were not even Arendelle royalties.

In the movie, Elsa and Anna are sisters who lived in the kingdom of Arendelle with their royal parents. They only had a rift since Elsa accidentally froze Anna when they were kids.

Elsa And Her Supervillain Roots

Actress Kristen Bell previously shared that Elsa is actually a villain. Although, the movie had a different take on the "The Snow Queen" story. In that fairy tale, Hans Christian Andersen portrayed her as a “pure evil" antagonist.

Vecho said that they planned on using the heroine-villain trope with Anna as the main protagonist. She will need to battle her sister's army of monsters.

Elsa's Frozen Heart

Velco delved on the story's main idea on a mysterious prophecy. It entails that a "ruler with a frozen heart" will bring chaos to the kingdom. He also pointed out another part of Elsa's backstory and how she became the bad guy. "We learn Elsa is a scorned woman; she was stood up at the altar on her wedding day and froze her own heart so she would never love again."

Here's Where The Real "Frozen" Movie Plot Twist Comes In

The "frozen heart" prophecy. will definitely throw viewers' predictions. The supposed "Frozen" plot actually introduced Hans as the surprise "two-faced" antagonist. He wanted to trigger an avalanche to bury Arendelle.

All of the characters learn about the danger they are about to experience. Kristoffer will assist Anna with her mission to ask Elsa for help.

"He’s the one with a metaphorically frozen heart because he’s an unfeeling sociopath. Elsa’s heart is then unfrozen allowing her to love again."

Peter Del Vecho On Why They Decided To Change Evil Elsa Plot On "Frozen"

In the end, the crew felt unsatisfied that they changed "Evil Elsa." He added that making them sisters will give them a perspective of her life "in fear of her powers. They also followed the premise where "love is stronger than fear.”

"Frozen 2" will premiere soon. Stay tuned for more updates about Disney and "Frozen."

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