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What Parents Need To Know About Anxiety Disorders Among School-Aged Kids [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 31, 2017 07:47 AM EDT

Panic attack, which is a form of anxiety, affect millions of students worldwide, causing most to have a poor academic performance which is usually triggered by parental and social pressure. Erin Berman, clinical psychologist with the National Institute of Mental Health, said school anxiety feels the same thing as being chased by a lion.

Jared is a 16-year-old who struggles with anxiety. His parents, Mia and Chris, would usually tape a Green paper on the door if he is ready to face the day and go to school; thus the school bus would halt and pick it up. For days that are not going well, Jared's parents would post a RED paper, which means that the bus driver would just drive past their house, as narrated by the NPR.

Anxiety is one of the most challenging mental disorders as it whipper's thoughts into an individual's brain and can successfully affect the person's daily activities. Most of the time, children and school-aged kids find it hard to deal with anxiety as some would say the voices would not disappear even if they'd hide under the blanket.

Erin Berman, a clinical psychologist with the National Institute of Mental Health, shared that anxiety is similar to being chased by a lion on your way to school. Though the child may look and act normal, there are those that are being eaten up by worries beneath their silence. There are several types of anxiety disorders among school-aged kids that negatively impacts their academic performance.

"Anxiety feels no different if you're being chased by a lion or you have to go to school," Erin Berman said. "They may look like they're not doing their homework, they're not paying attention, But, their mind is thinking about all the things that are scary."

There are several types of anxiety disorders among school-aged kids, which make it important for parents to address their child's uneasiness the moment warning signs would arise. Having a child who is struggling with panic disorder is challenging for most parents as it required a lot of dedication and patience. Anxiety may not be a lethal mental illness but it causes distress that can highly affect the child's daily function according to WebMd. 

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