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Study: Breast Implants Linked To Blood Cancer [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 29, 2017 08:18 AM EDT

The Food and Drug administration announced, based on a small study, that breast implants are linked to a rare blood cancer. FDA reportedly acknowledged that correlation of the cosmetic surgery to the disease.

Reports emerged that a rare type of blood cancer killed nine women. It was mentioned that they acquired the disease after having their breast implants, according to the NPR.

In a statistics released by the Food and Drug Administration, it was revealed that 359 reports of cases regarding breast implants and its correlation to a rare type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma called anaplastic large cell lymphoma or ALCL as of Feb. 1, 2017.

The numbers pointing out that breast implants are linked to a rare blood cancer continually increase. Despite the growing numbers of patients suffering from ALCL, breast implants are still one of the most common cosmetic surgery to date.

Around 300,000 patients received breast implants last year, as reported by the American Society of Surgeons. The numbers, however, does not track the surface textures of the implants.

Surface textures of the implants play a vital role in the surgery. There are three hundred fifty-nine cases of cancer-related breast implants. It was then explained that twenty-eight of the women reportedly have breast implants with a smooth surface. The 203 women who acquired cancer, however, reportedly have a breast implant with a textured surface.

"There are many kinds of texturing, and different companies do it differently," Srinivasa stated. "So it's difficult to know what specific quality of textured implants could be associated with the cancer."

Researchers and health care experts are still investigating the correlation of breast implants and ALCL. Though breast implants are linked to a rare blood cancer the World Health Organization mentioned that breast implant-associated ALCL should be classified as a separate diagnosis, as mentioned by the Food and Drug Administration.

FDA gave out recommendations where it was stated that plastic surgeons should be aware that most breast implant related ALCL occur in women with textured breast implants. The Food and Drug Administration is calling out women who underwent breast implants and was diagnosed with ALCL right after for them to update their statistics for future reference.

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