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#RelationshipGoals: Research Reveals That A Happy Relationship Boosts Overall Wellness

Update Date: Jan 23, 2017 09:40 AM EST

The term "happy wife, happy life" may seem applicable as it was revealed that healthy relationships create a positive impact on the couple's overall health. A new research explored the correlation between a healthy relationship and the couple's health.

Psychology Today discussed how happiness influences overall health. Scientists may find it hard to measure the levels of happiness and the corresponding triggers, but it was mentioned that there is a strong link between happiness and physical health.

The research pointed out that one of the strongest pieces of evidence on the correlation between happiness and health is the fact that happy people have better cardiovascular function and stronger immune system. The researchers then decided to take their study further as they focused on one of the causes of happiness: happy relationships

A study published in Health Psychology decided to take a deeper look at the link between happiness in romantic partners and physical health. William B. Chopik of Michigan State University and Ed O'Brien of the University of Chicago did a face-to-face interviews and structured survey.

The study came into conclusion that a partner's (couple) happiness and health are strongly correlated and it tends to grow stronger over time. It was then mentioned that having a partner can potentially help unhappy people as it boosts not only their mood but having a partner can also help in strengthening the immune system.

Think Big also featured a study in regards to spouses and overall wellness. It was mentioned that having a spouse/partner can help the individual grow not only emotionally, but having a spouse also promotes positive physical health.

"This finding significantly broadens assumptions about the relationship between happiness and health, suggesting a unique social link," Professor William Chopik the study's principal investigator. "Simply having a happy partner may enhance health as much as striving to be happy oneself."

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