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Study: Random DNA Mutations & Errors Comprise 66% of Cancer Cases [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 25, 2017 09:40 AM EDT

A new study has revealed that most cancer cases occur as a result of errors in DNA, which are found to be entirely random. The study has shown that most cases are not due to heredity or environmental factors.

The recent study also stated that mutations (mistakes) lead to cancer since even the smallest kind of error in DNA could result in rapid multiplication of cells, the Science Mag reports. Earlier, the scientists had concluded that cell mutation was mainly as a result of two things; either it was inherited, or the mutation was as a result of external factors that caused damage to DNA, for example, smoking of cigarettes or UV radiation.

However, the latest study has concluded that almost two third of cancer cases can be blamed on random mistakes. This study was published in an article in the most recent journal Science, the Life Science reports.

When cells multiply or divide, then its DNA is copied, meaning that the new cell will have its new version of the genetic material. However, when this happens, then there is a possibility of some errors. In some situations, these errors have been found to be a source of cancer. 

With this in mind, it has been concluded that cancer will happen regardless of how perfect the environment is, stated by one of the study authors (Dr. Bert Vogelstein), who is a pathologist at the Johns Hopkins University Cancer Center. 

During the new study, the researchers wanted to know the percentage of cancer that was caused as a result of heredity, environmental factors, and random mistakes. After the completion of the study, the researchers came up with a mathematical model that integrated data from cancer patients from all over the world together with data from DNA sequencing.

The study unveiled that around 66 percent of cancer was caused by random mistakes, 29 percent as a result of an external (environmental) factor, and 5% as a result of hereditary errors. The results of the study somehow lined up with an estimate from a Cancer Research in the UK. 

Further information from the study reports that various cancers, such as the brain and prostate cancer, are mainly as a result of random mistakes. Researchers found that 95 percent of the brain and prostate cancer cases were due to random errors. 

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