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New Study: Exercising While Pregnant can Help to Deliver Naturally and the Babies have Fewer Breathing Problems

Update Date: Mar 23, 2017 11:09 AM EDT

A new study published in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) clarifies that it is healthy to exercise while pregnant and in doing so, the unborn baby can have a natural birth and fewer breathing complications.

In the past, exercising while pregnant was considered dangerous for the mother and the child as well. However, affirmation from recent medical reports showed that this is a misleading guideline which plays a huge role in the obesity problem worldwide.

Around 50 years ago, things were different as numerous medical professionals accentuated that for a pregnant woman to stay healthy, they would need to gain enough weight so as to provide the ideal type of growth for their baby. 

Today, around 45 percent of expectant mothers are usually overweight even before they get pregnant, which is way more from the 24 percent recorded in 1983. Also, it has been found that many pregnant women gain more than the required weight within the nine months of pregnancy. 

Many medical professionals have concluded that obesity continues to fuel more obesity as the breeding cycle continues. In most cases, a fat pregnant lady will give birth to obese daughters, who will then give birth to overweight children, and so on.

It has been discovered that the propensity to be overweight is being passed down through genes, together with one's surroundings and lifestyle.

In their report, JAMA says that women ought to follow some guidelines when they are exercising while pregnant. The four considerations are benefits, safety, precaution and when and how.

Recent studies and analysis have shown that there were no risks in over 2500 women who were exercising while pregnant. There were no adverse effects in all the women who exercised, the Washington Post reports.

However, balanced and controlled exercises are suggested even for those women who did not do any exercise before getting pregnant. Results from a study confirm that pregnancy provides an ideal time for a person to introduce a healthy lifestyle and excellent health choices.

The various types of exercises and workouts perfect for pregnancy are quite many, and they have numerous benefits. They include less chances of gestational diabetes, macrosomia, lower back pain, preeclampsia, frequency of urination and substanially lower chances of Caesarean-section pregnancy, the Fox News reports.

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