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Teenage Drug Consumption Drastically Dropped By 2017 [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 20, 2017 07:40 AM EDT

Dr. Wilson Compton of the National Institute on Drug Abuse confirmed that illicit drug consumption among teenagers drastically dropped. Aside from drugs, alcohol and marijuana consumption and also declined.

The United Sates has been facing teenage drug consumption over the years. Dr. Wilson Compton of the National Institute on Drug Abuse opened up to the NPR's Scott Simon as they discussed the drug decline among American teens in 2017.

A study conducted by the University of Michigan revealed that the numbers of drug consumption went down. Around 50 thousand students from the eighth to the 12th grade were involved in the study. The drug consumption decrease includes opioids, prescription drugs, heroin, and drugs containing fentanyl, according to NPR.

Aside from secretly using illicit drugs, Dr. Wilson also pointed out that these children are no longer misusing prescribed opioids. Despite the remarkable drug abuse reduction, it was explained that 12 graders are still inclined with illicit drugs consumption compared to their younger peers. The 12 graders, however, reduced their tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Marijuana consumption, meanwhile, is till on the rise. Dr. Wilson explained that teens are under the impression that marijuana is less lethal compared to opioid, heroin, and those containing fentanyl. Marijuana legalization also plays a vital role when it comes to teenage pot consumption, as it gives them easier access.

One of the factors that Dr. Wilson pointed out that caused the drug consumption decline is education. Informing teenagers of the possible consequences of drug abuse led them to think and embark on a more cautious decision involving drugs. Dr. John mentioned that constant reminders from parents, teachers, and authorities have a positive impact on the teens.

Aside from the constant reminders, it was also mentioned that smartphone are starting to grab the teens' attention, as reported by the Telegraph. It was mentioned that American teenagers are getting less fond of drugs and alcohol as they are more inclined with their gadgets.

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