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Adolf Hitler Was Reportedly High On Cocaine and Opioid During WWII [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 08, 2017 10:31 PM EST

Adolf Hitler was reportedly high on opioid and cocaine during the war. Hitler was reportedly given the drugs, which gave him strength when he lost his charisma while in distress bought by WWII. Opioids and cocaine are still two of the most abused drugs up to this date, which caused thousands of deaths due to overdose.

NPR featured a book by Norman Ohler, entitled "Blitzed," where it was mentioned that Adolf Hitler was high in cocaine and opioids during his reign. The book was based on the claims of Dr. Theodor Morell on how he used to prescribe Hitler cocaine and Opioid.

It was mentioned that Hitler once fell ill; thus, he could not attend one of his meetings with his generals. Due to his lack of trust among his people, he demanded that Dr. Morell provide him immediate relief. The doctor then gave him opioids and heroin, which made him feel better right away.

Hitler was amazed at how Dr. Morell's medication worked, which led to his drug abuse. The dictator was given a shot of Dolantin, where he opted to be given stronger medications aside from just his usual vitamins. It was then explained that Hitler's drug abuse played a significant part on his reign as his consumption became rampant from the fall of 1941 to the winter of 1944.

"The first one are the vitamins given in high doses intravenously. The second phase starts in the fall of 1941 with the first opiate, but especially with the first hormone injections," Ohler stated. "Then in '43, the third phase starts, which is the heavy opiate phase."

Opioid and cocaine may be rampant even before the war broke out, but both drugs are still being run on the streets. It was previously mentioned that drug users are still hooked on cocaine and opioids despite the increasing death tolls related to both drugs.

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