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Cherrios Is Making A Remarkable Step To Save The Bees [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 15, 2017 11:40 PM EDT

Breakfast cereal Cheerios will be giving away one million wildflower seeds to help save the bees. The company is said to give out the seeds for people that would sign up on their website for their #BringBacktheBees campaign.

Bees play an integral part of the food chain as they are responsible for producing honey and other products derived from their hives. Cheerios is creating an awareness campaign where they are driven to save them.

The numbers of bees significantly declined all throughout the years. To make matters worse, some bee species were even driven into extinction. As of date, the USA Today reported that bumblebees are already on the brink of extinction for the first time in years.

There are several factors that influence the decline. Some factors are environmental, pesticide use, climate change, and small population. Part of cheerios campaign is to encourage people to plant the flowers on the bee friendly areas.

The company's aim is to create more bee habitats to help preserve and protect the bees. One Green planet pointed out the benefits derived from the bees. It was mentioned that bees are needed as they are responsible for pollinating the food supply.

Scientific America cited that bee species are going endangered which can significantly affect the food supply. The bumblebee population significantly dropped to almost 90 percent since the early 90's.

"Listing under the Endangered Species Act generally restricts activities known to harm the creature in question and requires the government to prepare a recovery plan," as mentioned in the movement to protect the bees, " It also raises awareness and helps focus conservation planning for the imperiled species."

As of this date, there are several companies that are already on their way to preserve the species. Humans play a significant role in having bee population regenerate.

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