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Diabetes Patches To End Finger Prick Test

Update Date: Feb 26, 2017 06:49 PM EST

A medical breakthrough is yet to unfold as health care experts are bound to introduce diabetic patches. The patches are still up for testing, if deemed successful, it can potentially replace the finger prick test for diabetic patients.

The finger prick test intended for diabetic patients will soon be replaced by diabetes patches. It was mentioned that the circular patch is being placed on the upper arm of the patient using a special tool. A tiny filament from the patch would then detect the individual's glucose level in the interstitial fluid between the skin cells. The results of the reading would then be transmitted to the individual's smartphone.

According to Daily Mail's report, over 20,000 individuals in the UK have already tested the prick free reading, and the company, Abbot received positive feedback in terms of the patch's function. The patch, which is known as the Freestyle Libre system costs around £96 per month. It was then added that each patch which ranges around £48 is designed to last for two weeks.

"Patients report that the system helped them gain a better understanding of their glycemia by enabling multiple daily glucose checks," Abbot stated while the company explained the benefits of the patch. "The system's painless nature of glucose testing is praised by patients. The real-world data confirms that patients are checking glucose more frequently, up to 16 times per day on average, which is cumbersome to maintain with the conventional fingerstick method."

More that 400,000 Britons are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which usually hits the patient from childhood to adolescent. The patch is said to be ideal for children with type 1 diabetes as their parents can check their sugar level even on their sleep.

Diabetes, patches are exclusively available within the UK but Abbot already applied to the NHS Business Service Authority for them to sell the product all throughout England and Wales drug tariff. This being said, health care it can potentially be prescribed by health care experts for free.

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