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Enjoying Dark Chocolate and Coffee Can Be Tell Tale Signs that You're A Psychopath [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 15, 2017 11:28 PM EDT

Research reveals that being engrossed with bitter food can be a sign of psychopathy. People who enjoy eating dark chocolates and drinking coffee all throughout the day are often linked to anti-social psychopaths.

A study done by the researchers from the University of Innsbruck in Australia revealed taste preferences can be linked to a person's characteristics. That being said, it was mentioned that food plays a major role in revealing an individual's personal traits.

The study, which involves 953 adults in their 30's, were assessed based on their taste preferences. The subjects were asked to participate in a personality test.

They were then assessed by their levels of aggression, narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. The participants' five major personality traits were also gauged including their openness, conscientious, extravert, agreeable and neurotic tendencies.

The researchers' findings, published in the Appetite, mentioned that the person's taste preference reveals so much about his/her personality. It was then mentioned that people who prefer food with bitter taste tend to sow anti-social personality traits. These traits are said to lean towards malevolence and psychopathy.

The research team did another study where they paired people who enjoy hoppy beer and dark roasted coffee to narcissism. The Telegraph pointed out that one of the factors that drew people into certain taste is linked to biology and the person's sensitivity to taste.

"Taken together, the results suggest that how much people like bitter-tasting foods and drinks is tied to how dark their personality is," the authors wrote.

The researchers reportedly came up with several facts about the correlation of bitter food preferences and a person's dark personality.

It was explained, however, that more studies need to be done in order for them to come up with a valid statement. Chocolates and coffee do have a huge impact on a person's mood, which can sometimes do more harm than good as too much of both can lead to anxiety.

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