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Vitamins C Can Kill Cancer Stem Cells [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 14, 2017 07:04 AM EDT

A new study shows the effectiveness of Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, showing 10 times more effective in preventing the cancer stem cell's metabolism as well as significantly stopping their growth compared to other experimental drugs.

A group of experts at the University of Salford in Manchester UK examined the effectiveness of three experimental drugs, three natural substances and one clinical drug in stopping cancer stem cells from growing and spreading in the body. The clinical drug included in the study was stiripentol while three of the experimental drugs used were actinonin, 2-DG and FK866. Natural substances that were trialed for the experiment were Vitamin C, silibinin and caffeic acid pheny ester or CAPE, the Medical News Today reports.

The experts paid attention to the bioenergetic processes of the cancer stem cells, the factor that makes cancer cells live and multiply. To disrupt the cancer stem cells metabolism and to prevent their growth, the seven substances were put into test.

The Science Daily reveals that actinonin and FK866 were the most effective in preventing CSC's from metabolizing and multiplying. Among the natural products used, Vitamin C or ascorbic acid proved to be most effective and was even 10 times more effective than the experimental drug 2-DG. Vitamin C used in the experiment also inhibited glycolysis and turned the glucose in the cell's mitochondria into energy that can be used in the cells proliferation.

The experiment was also conducted to be able to identify a range of natural substances that can be used in treating cancer. Instead of the usual methods like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, the experiment was looking into a cheaper, natural, readily available, and non-toxic substitute to the conventional ways in fighting against cancer.

Cancer is considered as one of the top causes of death worldwide. This recent discovery on how Vitamin C can potentially stop cancer stem cells from multiplying and spreading to the body opens new opportunities in treating cancer safely, painlessly and, hopefully, more effectively.


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