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Fast Diet 5:2 Regime’s Inventor Says You’re Allowed 200 Calories More on Fasting Days [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 13, 2017 10:08 PM EDT

The 5:2 regime Fast Diet program is one of the widely-used diets for recent years. A new version of the fasting diet was introduced by Dr. Michael Mosley. Instead of the 600-calorie limit during fasting days, followers are now allowed to eat 800 calories spread over three meals.

The Daily Mail UK explains that one of the greatest challenges that come with the 5:2 regime fasting diet is the 600-calorie limit intake encouraged for the two days of fasting. Now, with the new version of the fasting diet, followers are allowed an extra 200 calories, or 800 calories a day, during the two-day fasting session included in the diet program.

Dr. Mosley, who introduced the earlier version of the diet, promises the same rate of weight loss in the new and updated program. The fasting diet will be featured in an exclusive 16-page pull-out in the latest issue of You Magazine. The 600-calorie a day limit during fasting days has been proven to be very difficult even to ardent followers of the program. The new version that welcomes 800 calories for the two days of fasting is "more doable," according to Mosley.

The 5:2 regime fasting diet was the diet that helped trim down waistlines of famous celebrities and politicians such as Benedict Cumberbatch, George Osborne, and Beyonce, the Telegraph UK reports. Dr. Mosley himself tried out the diet back when he was looking for a subject for a documentary that he is working on the BBC Horizon series back in 2012. After adapting the 5:2 fasting diet, he lost 20 pounds and reversed his newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes.

However, the 5:2 regime fasting diet requires a large price. It requires a lot of willpower for dieters to limit themselves to 600 calories a day, now 800 in the new version of the diet system, every week. The new fasting diet version advises followers to enjoy a slight early supper on the evening before the fasting day and then a light breakfast during the actual day of the fast. This will allow the dieter to fast for 13 hours or more overnight.


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