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Mom Lost Son After Exclusively Breast-Feeding

Update Date: Mar 03, 2017 07:00 AM EST

Landon Johnson was born on February 24, 2012, and died a few days after. Today, his mother, Jillian, still struggles in sharing details about her son's death. Landon died due to a cardiac arrest caused by severe dehydration as Jillian attempted to exclusively breastfeed her child.

In a heart-breaking story featured at Fox News, Jillian shared how she and her husband failed to notice details that indicated that her son was starving and dehydrated. To educate new moms, she took up the courage to share how her son Landon, died a few days after birth as she attempted to solely rely on breastfeeding as his source of nourishment.

Jillian narrates that if she only fed her son with milk from a feeding bottle, her child would still be alive today. Little did she notice that Landon, crying all the time instead of sleeping and eating and pooping in his diaper were signs of dehydration. She was initially advised that her child was latching well and was just cluster feeding.

However, one lactation consultant mention that Jillian might have troubles producing milk after initially being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, CBS News posted. Unfortunately, after being nursed for nine hours since his 24 hours of life and being alive just 53 hours, Landon already lost 9.72 percent of his birth weight. Apparently, Landon was frequently breastfed with a mother whose milk had not come in.

Landon and Jillian were discharged from the hospital three days after the child's birth. In less than 12 hours after that, Landon went into cardiac arrest caused by dehydration. They have managed to bring the child to a hospital. A brain MRI revealed that Landon suffered from brain injuries due to oxygen deprivation caused by low blood pressure from dehydration and cardiac arrest. Fifteen days later, he was taken out of life support.

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition wherein a woman's estrogen levels and progesterone are out of balance. This may hinder a mother's capabilities in producing milk.

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