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New Study Reveals Statins Not Beneficial For Lung Cancer Patients

Update Date: Mar 01, 2017 07:40 AM EST

According to a new research, statins that once claims to play a big role in preventing lung cancer to develop and to help in prolonging the survival of patients with such disease and other common cancers showed no beneficial effects after treatment.

Evidence published from the Imperial College of London and University College of London reveals that statins or cholesterol-lowering drugs do not benefit cancer patients at all, Science Daily reports. The ream also believed that this new evidence is very compelling that new planned trials to be conducted on statins used in cancer treatment should not be further implemented.

This cholesterol-lowering drug was initially used as a treatment together with chemotherapy was initially thought to be helpful in lowering cholesterol levels that will halt the development and growth of cancer cells. It is also believed to help delay the recurrence of cancer after a treatment is completed.

Collectively, the effect of stations to cancer patients, specifically lung cancer patients was so remarkable and would help in the survival of cancer patients. Yet, this belief is contradicted by new studies.

The study included 846 patients from 91 hospitals in the UK and was carried out at the Cancer Research UK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre at the UCL Cancer Institute. Alongside with chemotherapy, the subjects who were also given statins were monitored over two years. Results showed that there was no adverse effect in using statins but no advantages were also observed from using this type of medication.

Men's Health reveals that lung cancer kills more people than any other form of cancer and early detection of the disease is vital for higher survival rates. Now, research from the Bostin University Medical Center discovered a nasal swab that can help identify genetic changes that can lead to lung cancer. This technology will serve as a mass screening tool in the future that will help in early detection and treatment of lung cancer.

These latest developments in lung cancer treatment can help in determining more ways on how to diagnose and treat lung cancer, and another type of cancers, at an earlier stage. Further investigations on statins, on the cellular level, will be done to further determine the possibilities of providing a new treatment that will help in treating such terminal diseases.

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