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Cheese and Dairy Products May Increase Breast Cancer Risk, Yogurt May Reduce It

Update Date: Mar 02, 2017 07:40 AM EST

Dairy foods and cheese are great sources of calcium. However, they can also be high in fat and according to new studies, can increase the chances of acquiring breast cancer. Yogurt, on the other hand, is a food option that can help reduce the risks of breast cancer.

Experts found out the high amounts of cheddar and cream cheese in a woman's diet can increase the chances of getting breast cancer, Medical News Today reports. However, high consumption of yogurt can reduce the risk of acquiring such diseases. The author of the study, Dr. Susan McCann of the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control at Roswell Park Institute in Buffalo, NY, together with her colleagues revealed their findings at the journal Current Developments in Nutrition.

Breast cancer comes in second place as the most common form of cancer in the United States. In 2017, a total of 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosis is predicted. A total of 40,000 more deaths due to the disease is also expected in the country this year.

Some dairy products may fall under the unhealthy diet category, one that can lead to breast cancer, yogurt, on the other hand, is being seen as a potential food option that when consumed in high consumption can decrease the chances of acquiring the disease.

In other reports, several cancer surgeons in the Greater Britain area are reported to have been accused of carrying out unnecessary breast operations to earn more money. The report published in the Independent UK reveals that a leading surgeon in the UK has caused grave bodily hard to 10 patients who he carried out a series of unnecessary breast operations to earn extra money.

Victims complain that they were clearly lied about having cancer while others had to pay more expensively for some procedures.

Further studies are being conducted to be able to prevent and diagnose breast cancer in its early stages despite some news of professional doctors taking advantage of the fear this disease has already inflicted on the population.

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