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Understanding Class From The Royal Family To Taylor Swift

Update Date: Mar 01, 2017 07:48 AM EST

Class and finesse were previously linked to one's wealth and background. As the years progressed, however, the criteria for determining these qualifications changed. It was mentioned that there are several factors that are considered classy, most of which include how one acts on social media.

Social media rants and being obnoxious can potentially after a person's overall class and finesse. Daily Mail laid down the criteria on how to classify class. It was mentioned that wealth no longer counts and a new British survey revealed that there are certain traits that are considered as class and finesse.

Top traits of a classy man include respect for women, holding the door for others, standing up when a woman joins the table and taking his hat off indoors. As for women, on the other hand, it was mentioned that wearing subtle makeup, confidence, and accepts compliments with grace are only a few indications that a woman has class.

"Projecting the essence of class successfully requires a number of factors to work harmoniously, from your dress sense to your manners to your skillset," a spokesperson from one of the biggest European fashion line, Peter Hann stated. "It helps if you have read your way through a bookcase of classics or can speak a couple of languages, but if your skirt is too short, your bow tie too sloppy or your posture too lax, your classy persona can falter."

BBC reports that class is highly important to the British culture. British sociologist Richard Hoggart pointed out that class does not die down and continually evolve over the years. It was then added that the standards continually die down as the younger generation no longer prioritize it in terms of culture.

Daily Mail pointed out that the Royal Family is one of the best examples of what class is. Taylor Swift and Emma Watson were also tagged as some of the classiest celebrities that walked Hollywood.

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