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Hypochondriac: Know Why Americans Are Struggling With Nonexistent Diseases

Update Date: Feb 28, 2017 10:32 PM EST

Thousands of patients in the United States are said to demand health care and go through a series of tests that they do not need. It was mentioned that majority of the residents are hypochondriac, a condition where a person is highly anxious about his/her health.

Daily Mail released reports where it was pointed out that around 12 percent of adults in the United States seem to believe that they have food allergies when in fact they don't. It was then added only one to two percent of the total adult population have allergies.

The researchers came up with a questionnaire wherein patients were asked about their condition. Most of which were questions if they hay fever, if family members have allergies, or if they go through allergy symptoms regularly. Most of the patients answered yes when in fact, test results revealed that do not have any of these.

"Most (87.5%) of those who gave negative responses to all the questions were non-atopic (had negative skin tests)," the researchers stated in their study. "A significant number of people mistakenly believe they have allergies and use both NHS and their own time and resources pursuing unnecessary investigations."

Medical Daily once pointed out that America is starting to become a hypochondriac. It was mentioned that most Americans would spend thousands of dollars for medical bills, only to find out that they are either misdiagnosed or end up taking tests that they don't need just because they are swamped with information that they are undergoing a certain phase or a condition.

An author, Catherine Belling, from the Northwestern University medical school professor, released a book entitled "A Condition of Doubt: The Meanings of Hypochondria." In her publication, she mentioned that the public health system triggers the society to believe that they are sick, despite not having any symptoms of the condition.

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