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Anxiety In Kids: What Are The Signs?

Update Date: Feb 27, 2017 08:30 AM EST

Anxiety can also be passed on to kids from parents who are suffering from the disorder. Know what the tell-tale signs are and how to help kids cope with anxiety.

A study undertaken at Kings College in London said that when kids observe the parents' fears and worries, the anxiety will be passed on to children from the parents. Subsequently, children will also display associated behaviours.

Other research also supports the result of the aforementioned studies. Kids of parents diagnosed with an anxiety disorders are seven times likely to inherit the anxiety disorder themselves.

In a report by, one mother was alerted by a teacher's comment about her son. "He definitely likes everything to be in order and in its place," the teacher had said. Rather than taken as a compliment, the mother knows that it was a sign that her kid may be suffering from anxiety as well.

The mother has struggled with anxiety for most of her life, wanting so much to control everything. She was a neat and clean freak, which she also inherited from her mother's obsessional cleaning attitude. The grandmother was also suffering from anxiety and depression.

She was reported to be repeatedly dusting, vacuuming and bleaching. All surfaces have to be clear of clutter and all toys needs to be put away. She cannot cope up with more than one activity at a time.

The mother saw that her five year old boy was being too meticulous especially when something is out of place. His toy cars always need to be in line, an attitude not too common for kids his age.

According to U.S. News, teachers and parents can help kids cope with anxiety. Guardians should take time to validate the situation to help kids make sense of the situation. However, parents are discouraged to offer general statements like "do not worry" or "you will be fine." They need to know why the kids are suffering from anxiety.

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